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As an innovative breakthrough in the healthcare industry, we understand if you have some questions. Please see the list below of questions that come up most often with our patients and providers. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please feel free to send us your questions directly.

How does the website work?

Once launched, patients seeking healthcare services can search for procedures directly from the homepage or app. Search results will appear showing transparent pricing for the procedure searched along with providers and their locations closest to you. Once a procedure or office visit is chosen, the patient can suggest available times, and the provider will review the patient’s information. Once the provider confirms the patient request, he/she will send a confirmation to the patient and your appointment is set.

How does CashMD save me money?

Paying cash saves money – as much as 90% on office visits and procedures. By cutting out surprise costs and hidden fees, the price you choose is the price you pay. Period. Your wallet feels better already!  Transparent pricing is the way healthcare should be.

How do I sign up to be a Provider with CashMD?

Great news! We are now pre-enrolling Providers all over the country to be part of the CashMD Provider Community. Click here to begin the process of providing transparent cash prices to new customers.

Preview the Sign-Up Process – 2 min:

When will patients be able to use CashMD?

After our pre-enrollment period, we will open CashMD nationwide allowing patients to search for procedures and services. We are planning a full launch Q1 2022.

Click here to view our Legal Terms & Conditions.

What browser does CashMD support?

To get the best experience using CashMD, we recommend that you use one of the supported browsers below.

Profile Picture Upload

You as a user may upload an image into your profile. The image needs to meet the following criteria:

  • 256 pixel by 256 pixel.
  • max. 1 MB in size
  • JPG Format

If you need to reformat your picture. There are tools as these (external providers, not affiliated with CashMD.com):