A Win-Win: Healthcare That Benefits Both Patients and Providers

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The vast majority of Americans continue to see healthcare costs in the U.S. highly problematic. According to a Gallup survey only one in five Americans (20%) are satisfied with the total cost of their healthcare, leaving nearly 80% of individuals wishing for more affordable options.

Cost is not the only thing Americans’ have concern with. The majority of the public also find issue with healthcare coverage in the U.S. Only 34% describe healthcare coverage as excellent or good, while the remaining 66% rated it to be only fair or poor.

Americans see cost and access as the most urgent healthcare problems. Consistent with these concerns, the majority of people across the nation are in search of better healthcare options for themselves and their families.

A pressing question is – are there any available solutions to the healthcare market that benefit both patients and providers?
With CashMD, we prove that the answer is simple: YES.

Physicians set their prices with insurance companies in mind. They have to demand a price that covers all costs related to working with both the patient and a third party. These numbers include all costs related to patient care, as well as the time and labor spent on processing and filing insurance claims. Often times, the provider will not see a return on their investment in your care until months after the service was provided.

Cutting out the middle man saves providers so much time and money that more and more are opting to ditch the insurance model altogether or simple offer discounts for self-pay patients. But those aren’t the only benefits.

A win for PROVIDERS who market their services with CashMD:
  • More patients – Connect with a new subset of patients who sign up to pay cash for your services.
  • Less cost – Less time and money spent on claims and appeals means more time to focus on patient care, leading to healthier patients and a strong bottom line.
  • Faster payment – Cash at the time of service – it doesn’t get any faster than that.
  • Autonomy to practice – Autonomy and flexibility to carry out your designed treatment plans for each of your patients without the hassle of prior authorizations and appeals.
  • Happy customers – Transparency on price and no surprise bills means happy customers who will come back and share their experience with friends and family.
To register as a provider with CashMD, visit us here to complete your profile.

For patients, if you’ve spent any time receiving healthcare service, you know the feeling of receiving your bill in the mail and being shocked at how much your insurance company has picked up and how much you owe. What if you knew before you went in just how much it would cost? No surprises. No hidden fees.

Paying cash for healthcare provides for discounts of up to 90 percent on services. The new shift toward price transparency is creating awareness that paying cash up front for services can dramatically lower one’s out of pocket cost, especially for Americans with high insurance deductibles.

A win for PATIENTS who use CashMD:
  • Selection – Search a robust list of premier providers and procedures in your area and choose what best meets your needs. At CashMD, everyone is in network.
  • Straightforward – Know exactly the amount you’ll be billed when booking your appointment. No surprise costs, no hidden fees. The price you choose is the price you pay.
  • Savings – Paying cash saves money – as much as 90% on office visits and procedures.
  • Speedy – See your provider sooner. No waiting on referrals or prior authorizations. Get in quickly and feel better soon.
For patients, sign up here for early access and receive first notice when we have providers in your area!

Welcome to CashMD, healthcare the way it should be: Affordable, Transparent, Simple. 

Healthcare just got better. 

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