A Patient’s Guide to Paying Cash For Healthcare: The Right Way

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A variety of factors are driving more patients to pay cash for healthcare services. Even if you have health insurance, many find that for a growing number of medical procedures, it is a greater benefit to the consumer to pursue cash pay. Many assume that insurers will negotiate the best rates for patients and cover the dramatic cost of procedures. In a lot of cases, this is still true – but not always. Even if you have insurance, paying cash can still dramatically lower one’s out of pocket cost – up to 90 percent on health services. We know paying cash can be an intimidating process for those who haven’t tried it…So here are a few tips…

A patients guide to paying cash for healthcare: the right way. 

1. Be informed

Information is the best tool you can have when booking a healthcare appointment or procedure. Having full awareness of your health insurance coverage, your deductible plan, and your monthly premium can help you in weighing your decision. Even if you don’t have a high deductible, you could still be a great candidate for a cash pay service. Being well-versed on your options will help you in determining the best route for your health and financial stability. 

2. Research options and compare cost

Healthcare options shouldn’t be limited. There are choices and it is important to research your financial options and pursue quality of care. With online marketplaces like CashMD, you have the ability to find procedures and know their exact cost prior to booking. You can search a robust list of premier providers and procedures in your area and choose what best meets your needs. You will know exactly the amount you’ll be paying when booking your appointment. That means no more surprise costs, and no hidden fees. What you choose is what you pay.

3. Read reviews and seek quality care

The term “discount” doesn’t mean a sacrifice in quality. The reality is that nearly all providers allow for a discount for patients paying cash – but unfortunately, this has remained a little known fact.  Health insurers often require doctors to receive pre-authorization for your services and submit numerous claims and appeals – this typically leads to less time focused on individual patient care, and often times, additional hurdles to getting the care you need. Paying cash removes these obstacles, and allows doctors the autonomy and flexibility to carry out their designed treatment plans for each specific patient. With CashMD you can see provider reviews and transparent prices all in one place, allowing you to make the best choice for your health and that of your loved ones.

CashMD is putting the power to choose back in your hands and the “care” back in healthcare. Compare providers and transparent prices. Book an appointment. Save money, feel better. 

Healthcare just got better. 

For early access to affordable and transparent healthcare, visit https://cashmd.com/early-access/

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