More Americans are Paying Cash for Healthcare. Here’s Why:

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The rising cost of health insurance and high deductibles have created fear among American people. In the last year alone, millions of Americans in need of medical care avoided a doctor’s visit because they worried about the cost, according to a Bankrate survey. Millions are forced to borrow money to pay outrageous medical bills, leading to excessive debt. Over 50 percent of the population claims to be worried that they may lack access to affordable health care in years to come. 

Whether due to lack of insurance, high premiums or sizeable deductibles, more Americans are now paying cash for healthcare.  Here’s why: 

Paying cash for healthcare provides for discounts of up to 90 percent on services. Many patients who have high deductibles, are paying higher out of pocket fees, than they would if they paid cash – a result of the country’s broken healthcare system. The new shift toward price transparency is creating awareness that paying cash for services can dramatically lower one’s out of pocket cost. Healthcare is the only industry where consumers don’t have access to the information they need, to make quality decisions prior to purchase. Often times, patients are not aware of healthcare costs, until the services are executed, and they receive an explanation of benefits or a bill.  

This doesn’t mean ditching your health insurance altogether. It means transparency of the prices for services you are obtaining. It means freedom of choice of the quality of care you receive. Offering cash for services brings the power and knowledge back to the patients. No more surprise billing or hidden fees. No waiting on referrals or prior authorizations. CashMD is putting the “care” back in healthcare. 

For early access to affordable and transparent healthcare, visit

“Providers and patients should have up-front access to the best possible care at a price that is fair and transparent. With CashMD, patients and providers can free themselves from the frustrations of the current system and forge their own path to wellness,” says CashMD co-founder, Denny Brummett. 

Welcome to CashMD, healthcare the way it should be: Affordable, Transparent, Simple. 

Healthcare just got better. 


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