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    Find the provider you need in just minutes. It’s all here in one place: provider, procedures, prices, reviews and scheduling. Here’s how CashMD does it:

    • Selection

      Search a robust list of premier providers and procedures in your area and choose what best meets your needs. At CashMD, everyone is in the network.

    • Straightforward

      Know exactly the amount you’ll be billed when booking your appointment. No surprise costs, no hidden fees. The price you choose is the price you pay.

    • Savings

      Paying cash saves money – as much as 90% on office visits and procedures. Your wallet feels better already.

    • Speedy

      See your provider sooner. No waiting on referrals or prior authorizations. Get in quickly, feel better soon.

    Put the “care” back in Healthcare.

    No networks, no denials. Faster reimbursement, less hassle. Welcome to healthcare the way it should be. Become a CashMD Provider today.

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    Better Care

    You know what is best for your patients. CashMD is putting the power to practice back in your hands and the “care” back in healthcare.

    More Patients

    Connect with a new subset of patients who sign up to pay cash for your services.

    Less Cost

    Less time spent on claims and appeals means more time to focus on patient care, leading to healthier patients and strong bottom line.

    Faster Payment

    Cash at the time of service – it doesn’t get any faster than that.

    Personal Treatment

    Autonomy and flexibility to carry out your designed treatment plans for each of your patients without the hassle of prior authorizations and appeals.

    Happy Customers

    Transparency on price and no surprise bills means happy customers who will come back and share their experience with friends and family.

    Launching in 2020

    iOS & Android App

    Soon, you will be able to download the CashMD app from either the Apple or Google Play store!

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    Common Procedures

    Find transparent prices for over 200 procedures within our robust network of physicians and wellness professionals. Here are just a few; more coming soon!